Successful Weekly Sales Meetings

Do you want your team to be effective? Then you definitely have to consider sales meetings for motivation and inspiration of your dealership staff. Many car dealerships underestimate the importance of sales meetings. Employees consider them to be a wasting of time, be boring and unnecessary. But successful sales meetings are very important for your team as they join your sellers and get them ready for efficient week. Look through some tips for effective sales meetings at your dealership:
1. Choose definite day and time of the meeting and stick to it every week.
2. Be in a positive way instead of criticizing your stuff for their mistakes.
3. Be short in order to keep to the subject and concentrate only on important things.
4. Ask them for leaving their mobile phones ant notebooks for you to be sure in their full attention.
5. Use different visual effects to keep your team’s attention and make the meeting interesting.
6. Invite spokespeople for involving every employee in this process.