Top 5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid Hurting Your Rankings

If your car dealership still hasn’t high Google rating, think about SEO mistakes you probably make. This is very common situation when you want to find your dealership site in Google search results, but after entering several keywords you can’t find it. Study following SEO errors that prevent you from being in the top of search engines results:

1. You don’t hire the right team – let the professionals take charge of your reputation in internet while your team is taking care about sales.
2. There are too many keywords on your website – if your site is purposely full of keywords and is almost unreadable for the average consumer, Google won’t like it.
3. Your pages in social media are boring – Shares in social media attract more traffic to your website, that’s why if you engage with your followers and post qualitative content, Google will make sure that everything you are doing is what consumers need.
4. You don’t have your Google My Business Page – it gives you the possibility to control your current ranking in search engine’s results and increases the chances to appear in local searches.
5. You don’t request the links – quantity and quality of links directing back to your dealership website can influence on your rating in search results.