Get to Know Your Clients

We can show the most relevant information for a person only if we understand what the client really needs.

Very often, the purchase of a car or its replacement is caused by an event in the person’s life. If we can track the events that catalyze the purchase of the car, we will be able to determine the user’s need and segment the audience.

Causing facrors to purchase:
• Favorable credit and leasing propositions
• Buying an additional car in the family
• Desire to update the car
• The current car reached the threshold age
• End of warranty
• Car theft
• Accident
• Different interests or hobbies
• Changing of socio-demographic characteristics: going to the institute, wedding, birth of a child, etc.

Knowing the needs of the client, you can make him the best offer.  For example, in case of buying a car due to an increase of the family, the client will rather worry about the safety of the car than about its power and speed. But those who want to buy a second car for the soul look at exclusivity, options and comfort.

The Symfio team have already helped many auto dealers understand customer’s wishes better and increase their sales