Web programming website for car dealer. How to protect the site from hacking?

Web programming website for car dealer. How to protect the site from hacking?

How to protect the site from hacking?

Protecting the site from hacking is an actual task for many website owners in our time. Due to the emergence of a huge number of benefits such as “Hacking for Dummies”, even those Internet users who didn’t care about your website would suddenly want to try and boast freshly acquired knowledge. What can you do to protect your website from hacking?

To begin, we list non-program methods to protect the website from hacking.
Surely, you even heard about them more than once, but you probably did not pay

  • Method 1.
    Choose complex passwords.
    Practice shows that even the quickest programs for selecting a password can
    cope with a password of eight characters in less than a year. The fact is that
    there are 2×1012 combinations of an eight-digit number, and even more
    combinations of eight unknown characters to a cracker.
  • Method 2.
    Do not give access rights to the admin panel of the website to unknownpeople.
    Otherwise, do not be surprised when the site is hacked. Also,
    do not give access to add HTML-code to everyone, as unscrupulous users can add
    malicious code to the site.
  • Method 3.
    Will be better to use antivirus with fresh databases.
  • Method 4.
    Do not store passwords in FTP clients.
    A good hacker can easily steal
    a password from a file that stores a password.
  • Method 5.
    For storing passwords, better use special password managers if you do not rely on your memory.
    Password Manager is a special program that allows you to store and organize passwords in an encrypted file. To access the password manager, you need a separate password – a key. By the way, remembering one password is much easier than dozens of different ones, isn’t it?
  • Method 6.
    Do not visit doubtful links.
    No comments.

However, not always the site hacking occurs due to the carelessness of the website owner. Sometimes the site is vulnerable because of the source code that professional hackers quickly discover. If your site is based on one of the content management systems (CMS), then be aware that the developers of these systems have already taken care of your security and included the necessary security elements in the source code.

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