media images

The first thing a person draws attention to when seeing a particular publication is the title and picture. They can both inspire and make read your post, and not cause any emotion, making your publication invisible.

Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to both the selection of the title and the choice of image.

    5 Ways to Create Picture Perfect Posts

  • 1. Relevance
    The image should correspond to the content of your post and complement it. If at first glance the picture is not associated with the topic of publication, it will alienate the audience.
  • 2. Persuasiveness
    It is not enough that the chosen picture corresponds to the topic of the post. It should also catch the audience and get more people to read your content.
  • 3. Quality
    Is there a need to say that the image must be of high quality? Smudged, fuzzy, too dark, too light, covered with grit image pixels is a bad choice.
  • 4. Size
    Despite the fact that the picture should be of good quality, its size should not be large. If the picture weighs several megabytes, it can significantly affect the page loading.
  • 5. Adaptation for different screen sizes
    In the modern world, we should not forget about the importance of adaptability of pages for mobile devices.Therefore, the picture should be well displayed on different devices.

These moments may seem simple, but they are quite easy to forget. Reconsider what pictures you use for your posts. Are they relevant? Are they convincing? Is everything fine with their quality and size? Do they look equally good on stationary and mobile devices?

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