Respond To Complaints

How To Reply on Angry Customer’s Emails?

Sometimes we have to deal with complaints and negative feedback. Here are some tips on how to answer

  1. thank the client and express your apologies;
    It is always easier to start a letter with thanks. “Thank you for contacting us.” Apologize for the unpleasant incident; say that you are upset because of the client’s feelings. But do not mention that you are uncomfortable to learn about the problem. Say that you are upset by the quality of the product (service), but not a claim.
  2. tell the client what you did;
    Inform the client about the changes in the organization that have occurred due to his complaint.
  3. personalize your answer;
    Avoid formal universal replies. They are very conspicuous. Try to make the answer more personal. Mention the name of the person who submitted the complaint, as well as the problem with which he faced.
  4. write simply, but specifically;
    Avoid technical terms that any company employee understands, but not the consumer. You must answer specifically those questions that were asked in the letter.
  5. try to exceed customer expectations;
    Most authors of written complaints are very approvingly responding to manufacturers’ responses supplemented with discount coupons or little monetary compensation, to which clients, of course, did not count.
  6. find out the level of customer satisfaction.
    When the company takes special measures to resolve the situation, it is necessary to make sure that the client is satisfied with their result.
    In the answers to such letters, you can emphatically apologize and assure the addressee that the defect in the product or service is not characteristic of the company, and his complaint helped to identify the flaws so that this does not happen again.