How to attract customers for a car dealer

How to attract customers for a car dealer

3 ways that gives the result

Consumer’s attention is limited and always worth something. Recently, the cost of attention has increased dramatically. Every day it becomes more and more brands and companies that advertise their products, and therefore the demand for attention is becoming higher.

But it’s not over yet. Here are 3 tips to help you overcome the high competition in the auto business:

  1. Buy the right ads
    In the early 90s, 97% of viewers carefully watched until the end 97% of commercials. A couple of years ago, this number was reduced to 20%. Despite the increase in cost and the decline in quality of attention of television advertising, advertisers are still spending money on traditional media, although they should invest in digital. Spend money on advertising only in media that will allow you to get the right attention for fair money.
  2. Use creative methods of attracting attention.
    The goal is to effect on emotions. Emotional atmosphere in the video should change according to the roller coaster principle – from negative emotions to neutral, from neutral to positive. So you can better tell your story.Another important factor is the time of appearance of the logo of your brand on the screen. If it appears too soon or too late, people will not pay attention on it. It is better for the logo appear periodically during all the advertisement.
  3. Attract attention little by little.
    If you are introducing a brand to your customer for the first time, you should not immediately ask them to take a few minutes of attention. Start with something quick and simple. Try to make short videos from the very beginning, and only then start creating long, more cinematic videos.

There is no magic formula that will surely help you get the attention of a potential client. But there are a number of certain successful principles that brands use.


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