Car dealer website’s colors

Car dealer website's colors

What does they mean and how does they affected on sales

A large number of sales depends on the color of the product. This means that colors can affect on the final conversion of the site. Web design experts try to focus on colors as much as possible, understanding their psychological influence on users and selecting the most effective solutions.

Colors affect human behavior. Proper use of color schemes when creating a site is an opportunity to attract the attention of the target audience.

Here are the mosst popular colors that are often used on car dealership websites:

  • Blue – the color of trustOne of the most popular colors for car dealers sites. Blue is very often seen as the color of peace, tranquility, trust and loyalty. Many payment systems and banks are also actively using it.
  • Yellow – the warning signYes, yellow is very often used to prevent any action. However, from a business point of view, it is considered the color of joy and friendliness. Remember, yellow is best used in small doses, because it tends to excite brain activity and increase anxiety levels in people.
  • Green – a nature or the moneyThe color of harmony, nature and health. It is also often associated with money. Saturated and dark shades of green best convey the emotions of wealth, financial stability.
  • Orange – the color of activityOrange color helps to inspire or instill confidence. That is why this color is very actively used on websites about sports and sporting events.
  • Black – the pursuit of luxuryDark colors on websites almost always point to luxury. Black is a classic color over which time has no power; it has always been considered the color of glamor and sophistication.

With the help of colors you can create a certain impression about the resource. However, overloading the site with lots of colors will not lead to anything good. The wrong impression will not bring the site success.

The Symfio team has big experience in developing websites for car dealers which increase sales.