Automotive Online Trends 2019

Automotive Online Trends 2019

What Tendencies are to be Expected at the Dealership Homepage Creation?

  • Transparency and ecological materials
    The vehicle’s impact on society and the environment is increasingly affecting the choice of consumers. Consumer awareness of environmental and ethical impacts is growing.For example, the emission amount must be specified when information about the vehicle is placed in Internet
  • Reduce the number of mobile applications
    Hybrids of websites and mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular. The average German user downloaded less than one mobile application per month in 2018. Online applications do not take up space on the electronic device because they work from any device, so their numbers will continue to increase.
  • Social media are salable
    Social networking platforms will increasingly focus on online sales in 2019: Social media Purchases have become standard in China – 55% of social networking application users have at least once purchased goods or services directly from a social media application.
  • QR code, as a direct method to get the information
    Almost every user has a QR code scanner on their phone. In 2019, this type of information transfer is becoming increasingly popular because of instant access to information.
  • Adaptation to the consumer at the wheel
    50% of the 135 million American drivers use their smartphones to find the nearest gas station, order and pay for parking, as well as food and coffee to go.That’s why in 2019 the e-commerce adapted to the driver, with relevant contextual advertising and driver-friendly interfaces will enable an almost automatic conversion!
  • Syndicated dissemination of the same content.
    The automatic transfer of content to multiple pages / channels from one central location. For example, data from the vehicle, once typed somwhere can be displayed simultaneously on the website, as well as on car portals and social networks.

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