Autogeschäft & WhatsApp

Autogeschäft & WhatsApp

How the automotive industry is using WhatsApp successfully

Car Business & WhatsApp? The automotive industry has always been one of the leading industries in terms of progress. It must be able to keep up with new developments and it depends on innovative and sustainable concepts. It is hardly surprising that messenger marketing is used more and more frequently, as the following practical examples show.

We are talking about the annually recurring change from summer to winter tires. And if you do not want to do it by yourself, do it in a contract workshop or a freelance workshop. This is where WhatsApp & Co. comes into play.

Have you ever wondered if it would not be better and faster to arrange the appointment via Whatsapp instead of by phone and SMS? Because that would make the customer service in this case personal, fast and cost-efficient for both sides.

But that’s just one of countless examples. The focus of automobile manufacturers is the sale of cars. All marketing activities that contribute to the sale should be considered.