Find answers to frequently asked questions.
Should you not find your question in the list below, please email us at info(at)symfio.de or give us a call at 07433-93475 an.

Is a demo website binding?

NO! After you choose a package, you get a free demo version of the website to test it within 30 days.
During the test period, you will get to know all the features and opportunities the new website offers. Individual requests will also be considered. At the same time, you bear no responsibilities. After 30 days, the demo website will either be closed automatically or we will keep on cooperating.

Which features will be available to me?

All packages have more than 25 active integrations, including queries and responses, statistics, car management system, content administration system and a lot more. Even the basic package includes the essential functionality required to make a market-winning website.

What is the minimum term of the agreement?

The term of the agreement is 1 month. It will become effective only after your demo website is closed. You will move to a live website only upon your consent.

Can I change my package?

Yes, it is possible. You can anytime change your package or add other features.

May I use my domain?

Yes, you may use any domain you wish. You can either register your domain with Symfio or redirect your domain changing the DNS names.

Is it possible to import cars to other resources?

Yes! Symfio provides for a convenient function of Excel or CSV import in Mobile.de and other forms. There are many settings to import cars to dozens of portals. For individual car import, please call or email us.

Do you provide invoices to pay for the website?

Yes, of course. You will receive the properly issued invoices (VAT included) to your е-mail or postal address.

Can I make a website for several car dealers at a time?


I`m looking for an ideal website for car dealing. Am I in the right place?

There is no ideal website for car dealing — we think it is unachievable. At the same time, we do our best to get as close to being ideal as possible. Unfortunately, problems and mistakes cannot be avoided in full. However, if we find them, we try to improve them as soon as we can.

Do you deliver 24/7 support?

No, because it is impossible for such price. We take good care of your website, so we guarantee our support. We try to work 7 days a week with the project. So, you should not worry about waiting long for our response — we consider, discuss and solve all the issues. You will be satisfied!

What about Symfio updates?

Symfio is updated daily — weekly — monthly. All basic updates are free and installed automatically for the duration of the agreement. Follow the updates in social networks.

How many pictures may I upload for one car?

No restrictions. You may upload unlimited number of pictures for each car.

May I publish my information (HTML) on the website?

Yes! You may publish any information volume, as well as create and edit the web pages through the admin panel in Symfio.

Are you responsible for the information published on Symfio websites?

NO! It is your sole responsibility for any content on your website. Since we are not legal experts, we cannot, should not and will not provide for any legal advice. Still, we will be happy to help you in any communication with those competent in this area.

Can I operate the website and Symfio offline?

No, you cannot, since all Symfio websites are operated online only. That is the advantage about the system, because you can operate your website using any web-connected device.

I have more questions. Who can answer them?

You can put any questions about Symfio, your website, connection, demo website to our team members whenever it is convenient. Email us, call us on the phone or send a message to the customer support.